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Zuzanna (Jikō)

My name is Zuzanna Grzywacz. I've been a practicing massage therapist since 2004. This is when I also began six years of study in Chinese martial arts (including Taiji Quan, I Liq Quan, and Qi Gong).

Having discovered that my healing skills were helpful to many of my fellow students experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, or any kind of tiredness and discomfort, I decided to deepen my knowledge, broaden the tools and learn more about classic and Chinese massage.

In 2010 I went to Japan to study under Master Shodo Harada where I practiced Zen for over a decade and received the name Jiko, which means "to cultivate compassion".

During my time in Japan I was introduced to ReiHo - ReiKi, an intuitive energy healing with an emphasis on the state of mind of the person giving, as well as the one receiving, a treatment. I studied with ReiHo Master Taeko Yamamuro for three years.

Kichu Anchor Dit zijn wij


I'm Kichu, I love hugs and scratches. Twice a day I like to run around the house to burn through my energy.


I am a Bengal cat, a cross between the Felus Catus and the wild leopard cat Prionailurus Bengalensis.

I like most to receive ReiHo therapy . I believe that massage and manual-energetic therapies are a collaboration between the therapist and the person receiving the therapy.  

I was a model cat for many years. I went to cat shows and had to model for food packaging pictures. A busy life! Now I am retired with Zuzanna and Thijs.

If you see me during one of your treatments, feel free to give me a hug!

Thijs Sōen Moonen
Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Thijs or Sōen, whatever you prefer. I help provide duo massages and support the case administratively.

My motto as a therapist is, 'Every body asks for something different, and a good therapist knows an answer to every question.'

At the base of my work is my 4 years of full-time Zen- training at the Sōgen-Ji monastery in Japan. I followed a recognised massage therapy course in Belgium. Yet I am mainly self-taught.

As an additional interest, I study clinical psychology and also follow additional courses such as the Stan Grof Legacy Training (Holotropic Breathwork) and Craneo-Sacral Therapy.

Over time, the offer of Abundance Within will therefore expand and it will become an address in Ostend for your integral well-being.


Tenki Athena

I'm Athena, but you can also call me Tenki. I was born in Greece but have now found my real home in Ostend.  

I walk around the house on my soft paws. You will hardly hear me.


Sometimes I like to come into the practice room to meditate, or just be around when a treatment is in progress.  

Another favorite spot of mine is on the back patio, where I can watch birds to my heart's content.  

As a shy cat I will probably like keep some distance from you. 

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