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Did you know that Reiki througha scientific meta-studyrecognized as a fully-fledged complementary therapeutic technique?

Zuzanna (Jikō)

My name is Zuzanna Grzywacz. I've been a practicing massage therapist since 2004. This is when I also began six years of study in Chinese martial arts (including Taiji Quan, I Liq Quan, and Qi Gong).

Having discovered that my healing skills were helpful to many of my fellow students experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, or any kind of tiredness and discomfort, I decided to deepen my knowledge, broaden the tools and learn more about classic and Chinese massage.

In 2010 I went to Japan to study under Master Shodo Harada where I practiced Zen for over a decade and received the name Jiko, which means "to cultivate compassion".

During my time in Japan I was introduced to ReiHo - ReiKi, an intuitive energy healing with an emphasis on the state of mind of the person giving, as well as the one receiving, a treatment. I studied with ReiHo Master Taeko Yamamuro for three years.


2/2 10 tips for an optimal Reiki session

1. it is best not to eat heavy meals less than two hours before a treatment

2. You may provide feedback to us at any time during the treatment

3. Everything you tell us is subject to our ethical privacy guidelines

4. A shower before the treatment is recommended
5. Check with yourself whether you need to go to the toilet before the treatment

6. you can help the therapy by becoming aware of what is happening in your body

7. you can pay with cash or Payconiq

8. Shortly after a treatment you may feel energetic, or just very tired. Listen to your body and welcome what it is telling you

9. preferably wear comfortable and flexible clothes

10. You will notice more positive effects on your body and mind with each successive treatment

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